Frequently Asked Questions

AMEP Frequently Asked Questions March 2021
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  AMEP Frequently Asked Questions March 2021

How do I find Tasks?
After logging in to the site, you will see a search box on your Dashboard page.
Enter some text and click Search, and the site will look for that text in the Course names, Modules names, Task names, and Learning Outcomes.

The main Search page will display the results of your search.

You can further filter results on the Search page by clicking on the Course drop down to restrict results to a particular Course, and then click on the Modules drop down to restrict results further to only show Tasks that address a particular Module.

General Search Tips

  • Capitalisation does not matter. eg. searching on Washing or washing gives the same result.
  • Entering more than one word will search on that entire Phrase, not the two words separately.
  • Text entered will match part of a word as well as a whole word. eg. searching for car would match on words such as car, care, career, and postcard.
  • Click the Search menu item at the top of any page, or click ‘Advanced search’ on the Dashboard page to go straight to the main Search page with all filters and search options.
How do I download a Task?
After finding the Task you would like in the search results, you will see a number of File Downloads listed to the right of the Task. Simply click the Download button next to the file you would like.

If one of the downloads is an mp3 (audio) file, you can also click the Play > button to play the audio directly in the page.

I don't have a login, how do I get one?
Email LWA at info@atblwa.com.au
I have a suggestion for a new Task
We welcome suggestions for further Tasks, please email us at any time with your ideas.