Adult Migrant English Program
Assessment Task Bank

LWA is the lead agent providing Assessment Task Bank Management services on behalf of the Commonwealth.  The Assessment Task Bank is an online set of resources available to all AMEP teachers for the purpose of assessments against the ACSF.

AMEP Assessment Task Bank (ATB)

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Provides support in assessment task development for use in AMEP delivery nationwide

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Provides validated samples of assessment tasks to report against the ACSF

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Is managed by LWA and supported by the AMEP National Working Group (NWG) to produce high-quality assessment tasks for assessment in the AMEP nationwide

About LWA

LWA is a Registered Training Organisation established in Victoria in 1990 specialised in offering expert guidance and support in delivery of English Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) programs in adult education and workplace settings. The LWA team of experts, with a strong teaching background in adult English LLN programs, is committed to high-quality professional practice.

LWA’s core expertise lies in knowledge, understanding and application of the ACSF in the LLN training and in training package delivery. LWA are specialists in the use of the ACSF in the adult LLN sector.

Our vision/aim is

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Providing helpdesk services for AMEP service providers in accessing the ATB

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Promoting the ATB to AMEP service providers

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Providing guidelines and reference documents to assist AMEP teachers creating Assessment Tasks, Advice document

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Adult Migrant English Program Assessment Task Bank updates

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Notification of new tasks been uploaded

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Management of the National Working Group – provide meeting and validation dates